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Bringing Safety and Beauty Together

Window well escape systems may be a safety requirement, but you don't have to sacrifice your basement's beauty to comply with the code!  Wellcraft® offers a complete system that turns your basement into a bright, comfortable living room or bedroom - at the same time ensuring the safety of those inside.

Whichever Wellcraft® egress system you choose, you will be truly satisfied with the quality and beauty that these wells provide.  Your basement will be filled with natural light and the available well colors will blend with you interior decor.

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Wellcraft 5600 Series Grey (4 Sections)
Our Price: $640.00
Wellcraft 2060 Series Grey
Our Price: $795.00
Wellcraft 2060 Series Sandstone
Our Price: $810.00
Wellcraft 2062 Series Grey
Our Price: $695.00
Installs in a snap! Extendable Extendable Space Saving Design
Wellcraft 2062 Series Sandstone
Our Price: $710.00
Wellcraft 2060 Series 12" Extension - Grey
Our Price: $315.00
Wellcraft 2060 Series 12" Extension - Sandstone
Our Price: $325.00
Wellcraft 5600 Series Grey Single Section
Our Price: $160.00
Space Saving Design. Extendable Extendable Installs in a snap!
Wellcraft 6700 Series - Grey
Our Price: $1,330.00
Wellcraft 6700 Series - Sandstone
Our Price: $1,596.00
Adaptable Adaptable
It's the Law

According to the 2006 IRC-International Residential Code requirements, egress windows and wells are required under the following circumstances:
  • If you add a bedroom to a basement, an egress window must be installed in that bedroom.
  • If you create a habitable space in your basement and you currently do not have an egress window, on must be included with the installation of the habitable room.

You can count on a closed well cover to be sturdy enough to support up to 500 pounds while eliminating the risk of anyone falling in the well.  The cover is also light enough for a child to escape easily.

Easy-to-Install System
  • Choose between a one-piece unit or a modular unit that can be stacked to any depth with no bracing necessary.
  • Well covers can be attached to the well easily and protect people and pets from accidentally falling in.

Wellcraft® egress window wells are made from polyethylene with UV inhibitors.  This durable material gives them superior weathering capabilities and no maintenance once they have been installed.  They are warranted against rusting, rotting and decay for a period of ten years.